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Nickel Grade Anti-Seize 12oz Aerosol Can

Nickel Grade Anti-Seize 12oz Aerosol Can

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GENERAL INFORMATION: SAF-T-EZE Nickel Grade provides ultimate protection as a high temperature anti-seize and extreme pressure lubricant. SAF-T-EZE stops corrosion, galling and seizure between metal parts. Nickel Grade Anti-Seize performs to 2600°F.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SAF-T-EZE Nickel Grade Anti-Seize is a smooth, non-separating formula consisting of a lithium soap thickened grease into which is compounded very fine metallic particles of pure nickel and aluminum as well as graphite lubricants and corrosion fighting inhibitors. This high performance grease and solid additives provide extreme pressure lubricating properties that prevent galling and cold welding and at the same time prevent water wash out and galvanic pitting from electrolysis of road salt, acid rain or salt water.

SAF-T-EZE Nickel Anti-Seize is non-hardening and has exceptional thermal stability. The particles present are inert and will not evaporate at extreme temperatures and their heat resistant qualities will prevent carbon fusion and seizure at temperatures up to 2600°F. This anti-seize compound does not contain lead, copper, or molybdenum disulfide compounds. SAF-T-EZE Nickel Anti-Seize exceeds the requirements of MIL-A-907E. APPLICATION: SAF-T-EZE Nickel Anti-Seize is recommended where very different metals are used together such as brass and steel because Nickel is a hard metal and keeps surfaces apart. It is also used where high Nickel alloy metals such as stainless steel, or where Titanium or other hard metals are involved. Nickel Anti-Seize is also used where metals such as copper cannot be present, such as in caustic, ammonium or high acidity processing plants. Surfaces need not be cleaned before application unless grit or low quality oil/grease is present and ultimate performance is required. Use on threaded parts, bushings, gears, valve stems, chains, sprockets, levers, hinges, pivots, rollers, heat exchanger bolts, manifold bolts, or as a gasket release agent, etc. NOTE: This product is not recommended for pure oxygen systems.


Color: Silver Gray
Temperature Range: -65° to 2600°F
NLGI Grade: 1
Specific Gravity: 1.2
Weight per gallon: 10.3lbs
Penetration: 270 ± 20
Drop Point: 380°F
Flash Point: C.O.C.: 500°F
Particle Size: 1.5 Mil Maximum
Coefficient of Friction: 0.085 (Shell 4 Ball Method)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All statements and technical data contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy of completeness thereof is not guaranteed. It is recommended that the buyer test this product to determine its suitability for his application before use. SAF-T-LOK International Corporation and Ace Stainless Supply, Inc is not responsible for loss, claim or damages resulting from use of its products.

A link to the PDF version of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) can be found here.

Size 12oz Aerosol Can


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