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1.000" Buna-N Tri-Clamp Gasket (40MP-U)

1.000" Buna-N Tri-Clamp Gasket (40MP-U)

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Note: To complete the connection, these clamps require a clamp and adapter.

These sanitary clamps do not work with our automotive V-Band clamps or flanges.

Service note: All elastomer gaskets require periodic replacement. Gasket life is influenced by the gasket material, product application, temperature, cleaning procedures, etc. After monitoring gasket conditions in a process system, a schedule should be developed for replacement of gaskets.

Shelf life note: The shelf life of rubber gaskets is the maximum period from the cure date to the date the product is installed. During the shelf life time, the rubber product is expected to retain its characteristics under the following conditions:

Stored in original packaging in a clean, dry warehouse.
Not exposed to direct sunlight.
Stored no closer than 6 feet from electric motors.
Temperature between 65°F to 85°F.

Our sanitary fittings meet the 3-A Sanitary Standards Number 63-03. The 3A Sanitary Standard was created by the dairy industry as a voluntary benchmark for product performance and sanitary safety. These gaskets also meet USDA and Title 21CFR177.2600 & .1550 standards

Price applies to online orders only.

Size 1.000"
Specification 3A Standard, 21CFR 177.2600
Material Type Buna-N
Shelf Life 10 years
Gasket Color Black

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