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1.250" ID VENA® SIL 200 Soft Wall Silicone Hose (13' Coil)

1.250" ID VENA® SIL 200 Soft Wall Silicone Hose (13' Coil)

$ 135.00

1" Inside Diameter x 0.17" Wall Thickness (+0.04"/-0.02")
1 Coil 4 Meters Long (13.12 feet)

Operational temperature range from -60ºC to +180ºC (-76ºF to +356ºF)
It can withstand up to 200ºC (392ºF) during short periods of time.

This type of hose is not recommended for applications with negative pressure (vacuum).
Working and bursting pressure determinate with pressure tests according ISO 1402/2009.

Specially recommended for pressurized air or water conduction at high temperatures, can be used in vehicles and in the industrial sector.
For use in cooling and heating systems in buses, coaches, lorries and industrial vehicles, cooling systems in cogeneration units and marine engines, and transport of high temperature fluids in general industry.
For use in straight sections without curves.

- Meets or exceeds operating requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A.
- Silicone rubber used is in sccordance with EU Directive 2002/95/ECC for Restriction of the use of hazardous substances (RoHS).
- The silicone for this hose is classified as M1 according to UNE 23.727-90 standard and as F2 according to NF F 16-101.
- The burning, smoke and dripping class of this reference is S-3, SR-2 and ST-2 accoding to DIN 54837:2007 test standard and DIN 5510-2:2009 classification standard
- DIN 5510-2 "Fire tests for railway components"

- Not affected by anti-freeze or anti-rust liquids.
- Highly resistant to ozone.
- Highly resistant to hardening with very good compression characteristics.
- Excellent flexibility during the assembly process.
- Excellent resistance to thermal aging and oxidizing agents (oxygen, ozone, UV).

Manufacturer Venair

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